The Community Page contains links to village maps, community resources, commemorative programs and the most recent copy of the newsletter.
The Village Code is a culmination of laws by which the Village of Pittsford operates. It addresses regulations for planning and zoning, architectural review and preservation, parking information, traffic, noise control, animal control, and much more.

The Village Board of Trustees begin their budget process in January and concludes it in April, presenting it at a public hearing scheduled at the April Trustee meeting. During this preparation time, operating expenses, revenues, potential wishlist items, and grants are considered to meet the needs of the upcoming year.

Village of Pittsford

This section contains a google map to locate the Village of Pittsford, Zoning map, the Parking map, and a History of Development map for your reference.


The Village Board of Trustees has taken a proactive approach to ensure that the future of the Village is as successful as its past. The Comprehensive Plan document is entitled "Destination for the Ages". It is a strategic set of directions acknowledging inter- municipal cooperation, promotion of economic, social and the cultural well-being of all its citizens, preservation of the significant and unique historic resources, and serving and preserving the business, cultural, social, and government needs of the residents, businesses and visitors.

Village Traffic Calming Plan 2005

The Traffic Calming Plan, born of the Comprehensive Plan, accepted in December 2005, addresses specific traffic calming needs for the village. It takes into consideration improving pedestrian safety, vehicular speed reduction, encouraging safer driver behavior, and stabilizing and /or improving the value of real estate along busy village streets. To read the Traffic Calming Document, please follow the link.

Monroe Avenue Corridor Traffic Study 2010

This report documents past and existing traffic conditions on Monroe Avenue (NYS Rt. 31) in the Town and Village of Pittsford between Clover Street (NYS Rt. 65) and Main Street (NYS Rt. 96), and projects future traffic conditions based on a 2020 future land use scenario.

Erie Canal Improvement Plan

The town and village have been working together for many years to help make the historic Erie Canal corridor an amenity for residents as well as visitors to community. This work has benefitted from the support of several partner agencies, including the New York State Department of State Division of Coastal Services and the New York State Canal Corporation as well as many other agencies and organizations. Monroe County was a leader in creating the Erie Canal Heritage Trail along the former tow path, one of the early visionary actions that set the stage for continued enhancements. As a result of these and many other public and private investments, Pittsford’s canal corridor is one of the jewels of the state canal system and has become an increasingly popular place for local residents to enjoy a wide variety of activities that are enhanced by the attractive canal-front setting.


Describes process for speed hump considerations, Village selection steps, and includes a sample petition.

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The Village of Pittsford Street Policy, dated April 2011.

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The Village has a Business Packet that is available on this site as well as at the Village Hall. It contains information on who the Government personnel are, their function, and other pertinent information on getting your business started in the village.

The Community Resource contains a listing of Pittsford based community organizations. You will find names, contacts, and phone numbers to groups such as the American Legion, the Scouts (Boys and Girls), Masons, Pittsford Crew, Pittsford Business and Civic Associations. Rotary and Women's Club amongst others.

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All the forms required by the Village are located in this section. You will able to find applications for the Planning and Zoning Boards, the APRB, building permits, and commemorative programs. Please be sure to contact the building inspector with any questions you may have regarding the Village procedures.

In becoming familiar with the Village of Pittsford, we felt an importance for one to also become aware of our surrounding Monroe County Towns and Villages, local government links to our senator and assemblyman, and other points of interest specific to our community.

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