FAQ for Architectural Preservation and Review Board (APRB)

1. I have obtained APRB approval for my project, but I want to modify my plans. Do I need to reapply?
Yes, because changes to approved projects require prior APRB approval before they can be incorporated into your project.
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2. Is my home considered "historic"?
The entire village has been designated a historic district therefore, specific criteria is adhered to regarding exterior property improvements.
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3. When was the APRB established?
The Architectural Preservation and Review Board held its first meeting on May 29, 1980. Prior to this time, there was a Preservations Advisory Board, created in the 1970's.
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4. The paint on my old house keeps peeling, especially on two sides, and I'm tired of the constant upkeep. I'm considering having vinyl siding applied instead. Do I need prior APRB approval?
Yes, because a change in materials is involved. The APRB has collected some reading material regarding artificial siding, and Villagers considering such a change are encouraged to read these materials. In general, the guidelines that the APRB must follow do not allow the introduction of any material that is not consistent with the era of the original structure's construction.
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5. What are the "Building Design Guidelines"?
Careful stewardship of the village's historic buildings contributes greatly to the community's appeal and charm, residents' quality of life, and the village's economic vitality. Since 1971, design review in the Village Historic District has allowed change while protecting the village's historic character. To assist resident, property owners, and business people with identification of preservation priorities, technical qustions, and navigation of the design review process, the Village has published the "
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