Village Government

The village is governed by an elected five-member Village Board. The Mayor and four Trustees serve 4- year terms. The Board is the primary decision making body governing Village Laws, grants, budgets, capital improvements, infrastructure maintenenace, long-range planning and other issues.

The Village Planning and Zoning Board has five members who are appointed by the Mayor to serve 5-year terms. The Planning Board reviews development projects including site plan review and variance applications.

The five-member Architectural Preservation and Review Board reviews changes to the exterior of all buildings located within the village. Board members are appointed to three year terms.

As steward of these resources, Village government must ensure their protection and continued enhancement as well as provide the services needed by residents and businesses for a high quality of life and a vibrant successful community downtown.

With these broad goals in mind, it is the intent of the Board of Trustees to:

  1. Promote the economic, social and cultural well being of all its citizens.
  2. Promote the preservation of its significant and unique historic resources while ensuring the delivery of high quality, cost effective essential services.
  3. Preserve and enhance its role as a successful economic center to serve the business, cultural, social and governmental needs of residents, businesses and visitors.
  4. Coordinate growth and development in a way that protects environmental assets and promotes sound land use practices.
  5. Develop and promote a coordinated approach to parking, transportation and infrastructure improvements.
  6. Cooperate with the Town of Pittsford, the Pittsford Central School District, and other local municipalities to pursue collaborative efforts, which benefit the community.

Our philosophy is to use the Village Comprehensive Plan along with our Village Code, current judicial case law as well as New York State SEQR laws and the Open Meeting Law to maintain and enhance the historic character of our Pittsford Village. Keys to that character include:

  1. Small "Village" scale and density
  2. Attractive residential neighborhoods
  3. Viable business district
  4. Vibrant community center
  5. Narrow safe and pedestrian friendly village streets
  6. A recognition that our village requires sensitive planning and zoning to preserve its unique historic character
  7. A high quality of life for village residents

The Village of Pittsford has a distinctive architectural charm. The broad range of styles, set in a closely-knit mix of commercial and residential structures, serves to constantly attract tourists, merchants and new residents. Because of this, the Village remains the vital heart of the Town. In 1971, the Trustees of the Village, recognizing this, established the Historic and Architectural Design District, which includes the entire Village, and passed local ordinances to protect and preserve this District. They also established the Architectural Preservation & Review Board to help educate the community on the value of the historical design of the District as well as to help guide the course of further development in the community. The five appointed members of the APRB review applications once a month to consider the appropriateness of proposed changes but are also available as a resource to find both economical and architecturally appropriate options for additions and alterations.

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