Architectural Preservation and Review Board

The Architectural Preservation and Review Board (APRB) has been created as a result of the entire village being designated as a Historic Preservation District. Following the mandates of the Secretary of the Interior's Standards for the rehabilitation of property is the main objective of this board.

Here you will find a photo of who is serving on the board and a little biography about each individual.
A copy of the this year's meeting schedule and their deadline dates for submission of materials is posted here. Each applicant must submit seven copies of their application. A copy of the application is received by each board member for review prior to the meeting, the attending attorney, and a file copy for the office to be added to your street file at the completion of your project.

2017 APRB Meeting Dates

Agenda for October 2, 2017

The latest approved minutes are provided for your review. Also a bank of archived minutes are posted for your reference.
This section contains frequently asked questions that residents or merchants pose when filling out applications to the board.
The entire Village of Pittsford has been designated as a Historic District. Due to this fact, we are mandated by Federal regulations to follow Secretary of the Interior Standards for rehabilitizing any structure within the village proper.
History of Development Map
A map of the village's historical development is provided for your reference. This map could be enlarge by just clicking on it.
This article introduces guests to the Village of Pittsford. It talks about its' beginnings to the charm and ambiance that is respected and admired by all who live, work, and visit here.
This article introduces newcomers to the mandates and restrictions of the Architectural Preservation and Review Board and its' code overview.

The Village of Pittsford Design Standards incorporates information and established design review principles found in the preservation guidelines of other communities across the state. Pittsford’s standards precisely target the nuances of history, materials, architectural traditions, and local building practices. Available in either a low or high resolution version.

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