Planning and Zoning Board

Planning and Zoning Board members are appointed to a five year term. The Planning Board makes decisions on site plans and related issues. The Zoning Board determines whether or not the particular issue fits within our Code's designation for a proposed project. This would include property set backs and signs among other issues. The building inspector should be contacted to help determine the particular code requirements and the process an applicant needs to follow to comply to Village standards.

A photo of each member and a short biography is given for your reference. The members of these two boards are the same individuals serving two distinct functions.

Board meeting dates and information submission dates are provided here for applicants. Please note that the village requires 7 copies of each application for distribution to each board member, the attending attorney, and an office copy.

2017 Meeting Dates

Agenda for October 16, 2017

Minutes displayed in this section are the most current approved minutes as well as archived ones.

This section contains frequently asked questions that residents or merchants pose when filling out applications to the board.
Zoning Map
The zoning map on this site is the most current adopted version of zoning for the Village of Pittsford. Please refer to the Village Code for the specifics of a particular zone designation.

This section provides the reader the purpose behind the Planning Board and the Zoning Board.

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