Stone Plumb-Newcomb House
38 State Street

The first structure erected in Pittsford Village was a log cabin constructed on this site by Israel Stone in 1789. The present house is believed to be a replacement of the original cabin but the exact date of construction is not known. This two and one-half story gabled wood frame house is one of the oldest surviving structures in the village. The general proportions of the house’s main block, the 12 over 12 double hung sash, the plan configuration, timber frame construction, low ceiling heights and large cellar cooking fireplace all suggest the house was constructed during the first quarter of the nineteenth century. The heavy Greek Revival detailing found at the porch and main cornice is the result of an 1840's remodeling. In 1845 the house was purchased and remodeled by Thomas Plumb, an English immigrant and successful farmer. The Plumb farm extended from this house to include most of the east end of what is now Schoen Place as well as about fifty acres of what today is the Powers Farm. The relocation of the Erie Canal through the village in the 1850's separated the house from the farmlands. Plumb established extensive gardens on the property which were destroyed by the 1910-1912 canal enlargement project.

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