Agate-Zornow Home
27 North Main Street

Designed by Rochester architect, Charles Crandall, this large brick two- story hipped roof structure is the village's most sophisticated Queen Anne style house. The house features a Medina sandstone coursed foundation and carved lintels. The gable ends occurring over two-story bays are clad with beaver tail red slate. Twin entrance porches with Eastlake style spindle work face the street. Double entrance doors lead to a large entrance hall with oak stair and stepped colored glass windows. The interior retains II foot high ceilings and high quality false graining. The house is set on nearly two acres of lawns bordering the canal. A small two-story wood frame vernacular tenant house, dating from the first quarter of the nineteenth century, is located at the rear of the property. The house is operated as a bed and breakfast known as the Canal Lamp Inn.

The house was constructed in 1887 for Pittsford businessman, John Agate. Agate, with his brother Will, operated a large and successful malt business and grist mill. The malt houses were located on the west side of North Main Street along the south bank of the Erie Canal. These buildings were destroyed during the turn-of-the-century canal widening project. The Hutchison and Zornow families, who have occupied this house during most of the twentieth century, also owned canal related businesses.

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