Boughton Avenue Neighborhood

This historic neighborhood consists of modest vernacular two-story single family wood frame houses dating from the mid-nineteenth-century to the first two decades of the twentieth century. The Italianate, Queen Anne, Colonial Revival and Four-Square styles are all well represented in the area. The original route of the Erie Canal ran between South Street and what is now Boughton Avenue. The route is still visible today in the form of a depression in the back yards of houses in the area. After the canal was rerouted in 1850s, this area was sold off for lots. Like many communities along the canal, Pittsford experienced a wave of Irish immigrants during the middle of the nineteenth century. Many Irish canal workers settled in this area, earning the neighborhood the nickname of "Little Dublin." The growing Irish community led to the establishment of Saint Louis Roman Catholic Church. The parish was originally housed in a church on State Street. Through the first half of the twentieth century this neighborhood remained a working class area. Over the last thirty years, new residents have renovated most of the homes in the area making the Boughton Avenue area one of the Village's most attractive neighborhoods.

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Boughton Avenue1

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