Thirsty's Tavern
8 State Street

The two-story brick gabled Thirsty's building dates from the first half of the nineteenth-century. Although altered with an early twentieth-century storefront addition, this structure retains an elliptical gable window and original proportions at the second floor and eaves. This structure was built as a house and originally had an appearance similar to the Canandaigua National Bank building, located a few doors down the street.

For many years Pittsford was known as the town with six churches and six saloons. Like many rural canal communities, Pittsford was far less gentile then today's observer might suspect. Street brawls were not uncommon, particularly between crews of different canal boats. As Pittsford has grown to become a suburban residential community, most of the bars have disappeared. Of Pittsford's historic tavern locations, only the present site of Thirsty's remains a bar today.
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