New York Central Railroad Depot
41 North Main Street

These fine twin structures served Pittsford until 1959 when passenger service was discontinued and this rail line became a freight spur. The hipped roof brick building served as the passenger terminal and was constructed in 1860 following New York Central’s standard terminal design. This structure retains many original elements of its beaded board interior. The gabled wood frame freight terminal was constructed at the turn-of-the- century after an earlier building collapsed during a heavy snow.

As late as the 1950s mail was drawn by hand cart from the station up the hill to the Post Office located on South Main Street. In 1963 the abandoned structures were joined by a contemporary link and converted into a restaurant. Freight rail service was entirely discontinued in the mid-1980s and the railroad tracks were removed.

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Comment left on 3/21/2014 2:25:32 PM
I lived in Rochester in the 60's and went to this resturant often. It was called "The Depot" and the food was fantastic; it was basically a steak house. My most favorite meal was called "Steak on a Stoker". My husband like their sirloin steak. It was a "nicer" place, nice candlelight and most interesting train depot interior decor. I remember the ticket booths as part of the decor. I wore a long dress and my husband wore a suit when we went to The Depot. It was a wonderful restaurant and we so much enjoyed it. I left Rochester for San Diego in the early 70's and remember so fondly those great evenings out at The Depot. I was saddened to see it no longer exists. I seem so recall there was a caboose parked there as well. I also think it may have been part of the restaurant where you could sit and eat a meal. It is truly one of my life's fond memories and it is now over 40 years past.
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