Auburn Line
41 North Main Street

The Rochester & Auburn Railroad established rail service to arrive in Pittsford in 1834. The line reached Canandaigua in 1840. In 1853, it became a branch of the New York Central Railroad. Until other rail lines were established, the Auburn line served as the primary route between Rochester and New York City. Even after it was superseded by the main line between Syracuse and Rochester, it remained a very busy route with as many as 17 passenger trains a day during the 1890s. Even as late as the 1950s six passenger trains and one local freight ran every day on this route. The rail line became the primary means of shipping for village industries. Numerous rail sidings were developed through the village. Until World War II, passenger service remained one of village residents' primary means of travel.

The rail road tracks were removed in the mid-nineteen eighties. Since that time, most visible signs of this rail line have disappeared. However the historic economic importance of this line should not be overlooked. During the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, the railroad provided efficient transportation for Pittsford's agriculture related industries sustaining the community's economy. As a result Pittsford enjoyed prosperity and slow steady growth, while neighboring canal communities, such as Bushnell's Basin, shrank or disappeared altogether once the initial boom from the canal was over.

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