Schoen Complex
11 Schoen Place

This group of former warehouses, sheds, small houses, and a coal storage silo is located at the western end of Schoen Place. These simple wood frame vernacular structures are architecturally and historically significant. The coal tower, due to its size, is one of Pittsford's important visual landmarks. The survival of the historic canal warehouse district along Schoen Place is one of the village's most unique assets.

In the mid nineteenth-century H. H. Cronk operated a lumberyard on this site. The Schoen Brothers business was begun in the last quarter of the nineteenth-century selling seed as well as farmer's and builder's supplies. The site also included an apple dry house. The dry house operations consisted of peeling, cutting, coring and drying apples to preserve them. Pittsford was an important fruit growing area in the first decades of the twentieth century and apple drying was a flourishing business. Businesses such as this, based on agriculture and dependent on the canal or railroad for transportation, were the driving force behind the village's economy in the nineteenth-century.

Early in the twentieth century the business's focus shifted toward the sales of coal. Customers included local home owners, businesses, and commercial tug operators on the canal. The coal tower was constructed in the 1920s. Coal was unloaded by conveyor from railroad cars into the silo. The coal was then fed through chutes into trucks parked below.

In the late 1960s Ted Collins bought the property to house his landscaping business. Several years later the landscaping business was moved to Mendon and Collins began renovating the buildings for use as retail shops and restaurants.

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