Pittsford Flour Mills
11 Schoen Place

The flour mill and grain elevator are the most important character defining elements of Pittsford’s canal waterfront. This complex consists of a three-story wood-frame flour mill, and a 130 feet tall concrete grain elevator. The flour mill was constructed next to the canal in the mid-nineteenth century. The flour mill was expanded in the early twentieth century fir additional production area and office space.

Flour milling, one of Pittsford's primary businesses in the nineteenth century, occurred on this until the 1930s. After Grandin Vogt sold the mill to Henry Perrigo early in this century, it was expanded and became an important regional producer of flour. The capacity of the mill which had been about 20 barrels a day was increased to over 1000 barrels per day. Ted Zornow bought the complex in 1952 for use as part of his grain wholesaling business. Wheat, red kidney beans, oats and black beans from area farmers were processed, bagged, and shipped by railroad to food processors throughout the eastern United States. This business continued to operate until 1997.

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