Big Spring
21 Schoen Place

A natural spring is located in the canal bed near the south bank opposite Newcomb Oil. During the winter, the location of the spring is easily identified by presence of open water, usually crowded with wild ducks. The spring, which was known and used by native Americans, attracted the village's first settler, Israel Stone, who built a log cabin at the site in 1789.

The pond was the source of a small creek which flows through Pittsford Farms on its way to Irondequoit Creek. In 1909 when the canal was widened, the spring was incorporated into the canal. At the insistence of the Hawley family, who used the creek to supply water for pastured livestock, New York State constructed a culvert running from the south bank of the canal to the north side of the railroad bed. Today, this creek feeds several irrigation ponds used by the Powers' farming operation.

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